My values & ethics

For any energy/shamanic healing session, I do apply rules of spiritual hygiene and take this very seriously. These values apply to any of my services.

My Values:

For any of the services I'm offering, I defend the following values:

  • Respect of every being and life

  • Respect of people's free will

  • Loyalty

  • Active listening

  • Compassion

  • Non-judgment

  • Benevolent neutrality

  • Integrity

  • Respect of confidentiality and professional secrecy

  • Support

  • Honesty

  • No medical diagnosis: I will never interfere in a client’s treatment, I will never ask you to stop taking your medication and will never recommend any medicines

  • No manipulation of the body (bones, muscles, etc.)

  • I will never make any diagnosis, give my opinion or judge any medicine or medical treatment that my clients take

  • As far as the medical field is concerned, only your doctor's opinion is relevant, I will not take any responsibilities, as I'm not a doctor.

  • I will never promise you that you will heal (this doesn’t depend on me, no one else but you has this power) but I can promise that I will always do my best and set all my intention to help you and support you with my techniques, to the best of my abilities.

Energy/shamanic healing:

  • is not a substitute to a medical prescription (but can be a good complement to it)

  • has nothing to do with a sect or any religion, everyone is free to have their own beliefs

  • has NOTHING to do with any kind of magic or voodoo whatsoever

  • is different from hypnosis ​

Feel free to message me for any questions,


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