Values from the heart

Do you feel you need an ear? Do you crave being understood? Talking to someone who could help you without blaming you for that very same thing you are seeking help for?

A true healer is not here to judge you, ridicule you or make you feel bad about that very thing you are coming to see him/her to get help for...

Yeah, it sounds obvious, right? But it happened to me in the past... so-called "twin flame healers" many years ago stuck my nose into my own sh*it while I was investing in myself to get help for that...

I don't try to make you dependent on me, I encourage you to be our own friend and I give you the tools so that you can know what you do after our sessions.

I don't try to take your power away - I help you get it back!

I work with everyone who resonates with me and whom I resonate with, students, employees, business owners, artists and athletes, famous and non-famous. I provide with psychic guidance for decisions that need to be made, remove curses and dark energies and of course healing energy.

I will never make any diagnosis, give my opinion, interfere or judge any medicine or medical treatment that my clients take, I will never recommend any medicines neither. As far as the medical field is concerned, only your doctor's opinion is relevant, I will not take any responsibilities, as I'm not a doctor.

I will never promise you that you will heal (this doesn’t depend on me, no one else but you has this power) but I can promise that I will always do my best and set all my intention to help you and support you with my techniques, to the best of my abilities.

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