We are all infinite beings with endless potential

  • We are all infinite beings with endless potential

  • Trapping ourselves in a box is limiting

  • Sticking a label on ourselves is not representative of our full range of unique abilities, especially as sensitive and intuitive beings

  • Yet labels are useful in this 3D world to describe but they're still limiting

  • Let's use those good ol' labels just for the sake of this conversation

Who are you?

If I asked you to describe your abilities and uniqueness, what words would you use?

My Lakota teacher didn't tell me I was a pejuta winan (Medicine Woman, in Lakota), before he actually used those words, he made sure I understood what was happening when I'd feel guided to place my hands on someone who was in pain or why injured wild animals would suddenly cross my path and I'd feel guided to "do things" and they'd suddenly get better and run or fly away...

He made sure I unlocked some soul memories before he carefully made me understand who I was, so that I could remember.

That's what a teacher does... a teacher teaches you how to awaken your own innate abilities, to unlock the memories that your DNA/soul holds and that have been put on "pause" by the veil of amnesia upon incarnating on this Earth.

Because we are on Earth, we do use words to describe ourselves, our services, what we do or who we are...

I will help you awaken you to yourself, you can unlock as many abilities as you are feeling guided to develop. I will just be showing you how to activate your system, how to remember who you are through healing, through using tools that anyone can use.

No ritual. No spell. No superstition.

Commitment to yourself. Being decided. Doing the work. --> that's all you need.

If you already have an idea of what label correspond to you (psychic, "healer" aka facilitator...), it's all good, we will sharpen them and explore more.

If you know you're sensitive, you are passionate about developing your extra-sensory perceptions and healing yourself to help others heal but you have no clue how to do that concretely, it's all good too, we will unlock what you're craving to awaken within yourself.

If you're hearing the calling of your soul

If you're passionate about changing your life and maybe about helping others do the same

Maybe you want to open your own business

Then let's talk! Book you free 20-min discovery call and let's see which module feels best for you!

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