What is a shaman

The term shaman comes from Russia, more precisely from Siberia.

For Native American people, the more common term is "medicine man" or "medicine woman".

In Europe, some people refer to a "shaman" as "witch".

A shaman is a catalyst for healing, someone who works on different planes of the astral realms in order to help someone to launch their self-healing process. A shaman is a bridge between the physical world in which we are evolving and the spirit world in different dimensions.

The shaman works with Spirit/Source and different Beings form the astral planes, such as Guides, Ancestors, Spirit Animals, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters... in order to help his/her clients to heal the energetic and spiritual aspect of certain dis-eases or physical and/or mental diseases. By healing these aspects, he/she helps his/her clients to heal their physical body and sometimes even prevent some other troubles to manifest.

A shaman goes into a trance to perform a shamanic journey during a healing session.

  • What is a shamanic journey?

A shamanic journey is a shamanic technique and practice during which the shaman gets into a trance (that is to say in an altered state of consciousness) through a deep meditation, in order to help their clients start their self-healing process, by dealing with the spiritual and energy aspect or a dis-ease or a physical and/or mental disease, repetitive patterns, etc.

It is called “journey” because during this deep meditative state, the shaman’s soul “travels” and explores different dimensions and planes of consciousness while their physical body is connected to the physical world. The goal of a shamanic journey is to get in touch with the spirit world and the client’s soul in order to get information that could help the client but also to clear energy blocks, heal traumas, retrieve soul fragments, perform extractions, etc.

Of course, this requires a phase of preparation for both, the shaman and the client, then a phase of closure.

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