What is an etheric cord

These cords have different sizes, thickness and shapes. They are rooted more or less deeply and some are very hard to cut (even if they're outdated, don't serve your highest good and even if there is a permission to cut them). Some are more deeply anchored and strong according to the level of interaction that we have with other people, places, animals,

items, etc. We are connected to the people/things that we love but we also happen to be connected to people/things that don't serve our highest good. We were also born with some of these cords already attached to us. Some of these cords were indeed created in past lives or in the astral realms, for example we are connected to our soul family, to our Guides, to our Ancestors, etc. these connections are beneficial for us but some other types of cords can be harmful there can be attachments that are painful and dark or even evil.

Stay tuned for more information and if you feel you need to cut some cords and free yourself, you can book a shamanic healing session

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