What is Timeline healing?

Timeline healing (aka psychic healing reading) is a new type of service I have recently made available and I'm very excited to talk about it!!!

It is a mix of psychic reading of your Akashic Records (accessing the book of your life basically your soul's story and history throughout time and dimensions) and healing.

I have received psychic readings in the past that had left me with a taste of "unfinished business" and I thought to myself "then what? now I know the origin of this behavior/pattern/block and then what? what do I do with this info? "

That's basically why I've never really offered psychic readings. There's nothing wrong with them at all, but I felt there was more for me to do, discover and offer... and timeline healing was the missing part I had been looking for!

On Earth, we see time as linear and we measure it in hours, days, years... but from our Higher Self's perspective, from Source's and Spirit perspective, the only moment that exists is the now. Everything exists within you, everything is accessible in the Akashic Records and in your subconscious mind.

How can you heal past wounds and bring shift to your mindset? By healing the timeline/the moment in time when trauma happened so that it is cleared from your energy field.

It is a way to unlock situations like (self-)love blocks, prosperity blocks, remove false beliefs and false programming. We go back to the moment in time (whether it is in this life or in a past life, as often times this incarnation is an opportunity for us to break free from karma, aka unresolved situations.

We go back to the point in time when your natural flow got disrupted and you got hurt in order to bring healing to the version of you that got hurt, without you having to re-experience the trauma in question.

If that's something that makes you feel excited and like a big "hell yes!" book your session now via the link in bio.

Not sure? You can book a clarity call :)

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