What's your goal for April?

What's your goal for April as far as personal and spiritual growth is concerned?

Symbolically, new months (or new weeks, new days, new moons...) are a good opportunity to take a new start (although as you know, time is an illusion and we can take a new start anytime we want).

We're now in Spring in the Northern hemisphere, when Nature is born again, it makes us feel reborn too and it's always nice to use this momentum to your advantage.

For our friend from the Southern hemisphere, autumn is also a great opportunity to start afresh, take stocks and evaluate where you are, harvest and planting new seeds.

In any cases, wherever you are in the world, let's set goals!

Is there something you're working on within yourself?

It could be anything like: ditching self-doubt, changing your diet, wanting to get more in tune with your intuition, decluttering your space...

Let me know so that I can encourage you, let's water each other's plants and grow together :)

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