What takes place during a shamanic healing session

Here is a closer look of what takes place during a session:

  • you receive energy healing that launches your self-healing process, relieving you from emotional, physical, mental and/or spiritual pains and traumas as blocked energies are cleared and released, you will feel better, rejuvenated and your immune system will be boosted

  • attachments linking you to toxic people (ex: false twin flame, imbalanced relationships...) and places are cut, you will set boundaries & take your power back

  • etheric cords linking you to entities that are draining your energy and creating hindrances in your life are removed, you will feel more energized and gain back control of your thoughts, your body and your life

  • implants (aka etheric parasites) are extracted to free you from their influences (see info below) you will be more in control of your thoughts and emotions and you will hear your inner guidance more clearly

  • curses are cleared, you take back control of your energy so you can live free and unleash your full potential

  • your chakras are cleared and balanced, the energy will flow freely within you for more harmony so that you can live in alignment with your purpose and dreams

  • your aura and your whole system are shielded and strengthened for a stronger immune system, & energy system

  • your anxiety will lessen or disappear, you will feel more relaxed and calmer

  • you will experience inner peace, joy, hope and even faith, you will reconnect with yourself like never before so you can live your best life

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