What takes place during a soul realignment

During this call, here is what takes place:

  • we start by a cleanse to clear intrusive energies that doesn't belong in your energy field

  • we go to the Akashic Records to release what is holding you back and free you from anything that keeps you trapped & doesn't serve your highest good, it can be: - reconnecting you with an aspect of yourself (aka soul retrieval) to heal trauma - cutting cords with people, situations, outdated vows, etc. so that you can unlock new opportunities - we bring peace and harmony to situations/relationships so that you can shift your reality and manifest your dreams

  • you gain understanding on your current challenges and a new perspective on how to overcome them

  • the channeled messages, intuitive guidance & coaching tips that you will receive will empower you to make decisions based on your newly found truth

Are you ready to embody the highest vibrational version of yourself?

This session is for you if you want to:


  • free your mind and think in terms of solutions

  • improve your relationships to others and become your own best friend,

  • find inner peace and learn how to maintain it

  • shift your energy to become empowered

  • validate yourself to make decisions based on your heart's desire (vs. others' expectations)

  • hear the voice of your True Self so you can make conscious choices & invite joy in your life

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