When someone tried to make me feel bad - Story time

Have you ever heard this kind of remark? Someone trying to make you feel bad for something you apparently didn't do while you have no clue what they're talking about?

Walking in to the office on a Monday morning years ago, saying hi to coworkers and suddenly one of them trying to be a smart @$$ half-jokingly said to me "I saw you at the mall on Saturday, you didn't even come to say hi to me, are you proud or something?"

Me with a "what-the-f" look on my face: "Well obviously I didn't see you... now if YOU saw me, 1) you probably saw that I didn't see you as I was minding my own business and 2) why didn't YOU come to say hi to me then?"

Some humans will try to make you feel bad and like they have power over you, most of the time it is not against you, it is for themselves, because they are craving for love & attention and they weren't taught how to demonstrate it... so sometimes it comes out in a very sneaky or awkward way.

Never take it personally, set boundaries, even if you joke but get the message out there :)

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