Who am I?

Hello beautiful soul and welcome to my website ! :)

I was born a shaman and highly sensitive, I have always had psychic and medium abilities and I have been working all my life to make them sharper and shaper by applying my own teachings to my life.

After a successful career as an executive administrative manager in an international company, I decided to leave it all behind and start my own business to dedicate herself to my soul calling, to was really set my soul on fire. I then decided to get extra qualifications as a Certified Personal Development Coach and Usui Reiki Master-Teacher to complete my natural abilities and to try different techniques that I can now apply and teach in my practice.

What does make me able to provide these services?

Who I am from birth, my training and my experience.

  • I have always been interested in spirituality and metaphysical

  • when I was a child, my dream was to be able help people by doing healing and communicating with spirit.

  • My spiritual journey took another turn in 2007 when I started expanding my consciousness

  • In 2009, I started being trained to energy work and shamanism by a powerful and wise Lakota Medicine Man, I have been going through initiations and walking my self-healing and personal development journey since then, always learning more.

  • In 2014, I became a Reiki Master-Teacher as well as a certified personal development coach

  • I've been learning about different practices like psychogenealogy, crystals, channeling, divination, soul connections (twin flames...), timeline jumps, different realities, vibrational shifts...

  • I opened my business, dedicating my life to helping others on their journey and that is why today I am offering these services.

  • I have also been writing e-books and creating guided meditations since 2017 to share my knowledge through different media.​

Because I have overcome a lot of trauma, wounds, depression, anxiety, transgenerational patterns and abuse, by working on myself, I know how it feels to be in darkness... I truly believe that no one should go through this alone and that it doesn't have to be that hard... that is why I want to help Others see the light at the end of the tunnel and walk them through so they can BE the light and embody the best version of themselves.

If I could heal myself... SO CAN YOU!!! <3

I am passionate in helping beautiful souls, like you, transform your life by helping you reconnect with yourself. She specializes in Shamanic transformation, Soul Realignment, Soul Retrieval and Energy Reading.

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