Who can benefit from working with a facilitator & transformation catalyst?

(ex: shaman/psychic-medium/coach like myself)

Have you ever wondered who my clients are?

Well, first of all: anyone can benefit from working with a shaman, psychic-medium and/or coach, of course.

However, not everyone is ready to heal their wounds or make changes in their life.

Some feel too uncomfortable

Some expect the facilitator to do all the work

I work with clients who are on their spiritual healing / personal development journey.

My sessions & bundles can help in any situation (break-up, finding peace and closure after a relationship, change in career, spiritual awakening, needing change but needing direction and clarity, craving unity with self, anything really...)

I work with amazing souls from all kinds of backgrounds (ex: business owners, stay-at-home Mums, celebrities, students, employees, humans who are going through big life changes like divorce, career change, moving home...) humans who just went through a relationship hardship or the death of a loved one (including miscarriage).

These amazing beings all have these things in common:

- they (are ready to learn how to) choose themselves,

- they're ready to do the inner work ( vs looking for a quick fix because there's no such thing as a quick fix)

- they know they are meant for more and they deserve it.

- they are not in a "poor me" mentality

If you also have these values, then this is for you! DM me if you're ready to work together as a team so that I can help you clear what's in your way to reaching your next-level self whatever your goals are :)

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