Why being yourself and not sticking any labels on you is important

You might be wondering why I'd say that it doesn't matter, right?

Well, let me explain how I see things:

1) How you consider yourself has nothing to do with who you really are or how people perceive you

2) how you feel about yourself right now will change, we change every day, we learn, we grow, so give yourself space to change and see that no matter what you think of yourself, it's only a perception

3) identifying with a label you put on yourself is a trap, no matter what you think you are, just be, there is no such thing as "not being enough" or "lacking self-confidence", it's a wound, it's an illusion of the mind. If you are convinced and identifies with "I'm not self-confident" then you'll not allow yourself to do something because you'll think "that's not like me, I would never have dared do that before so why now?" Why now? Because you're growing, don't let a false belief hinder your growth, that's not doing yourself a favor... allow yourself to heal and discover who you really are

4) people who resonate with you will come to you, and whoever judges or criticizes you doesn't have any room in your life

Tag a friend who needs to hear this and if you're ready to change your perspective on yourself, let's hop on a discovery call, it's free and I can let you know which of my services if the most beneficial to help you grow.

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