Why I don't post pictures of myself on social media

I'm a real human being with a story, every post I make tells about my story & my life - just not in a "glamorous" way.

I don't post pictures of myself partying or getting drunk --> I don't do that, I don't post picture of myself watching Netflix or talk about series recommendations because I don't watch movies or series. That's as real as I am.

Does that mean my life is boring? "Boring" is a point of view, it's not boring to me because my inner world is rich. I focus on living righteously and on mindfulness to create a reality in which I am happy.

There's a time for everything in life, in these times, it's all about being authentic.

If I'd constantly show pictures of myself, I wouldn't be authentic because I don't look for attention as a human, I don't want praise, confirmation or proofs that I am this or that, which would show a childhood wound.

I do post a few pictures of myself on my grid, so that you can see the actual human behind the work & the teachings, that I am like you, a simple human running a business.

I do share a bit more in my stories, things of my actual life that illustrate that I walk the walk & not only talk about the walk.

Aside from that, I'm just a human doing "normal" daily life human things: house cleaning, cooking, eating, cleaning my pets' poop... but not everything needs to be on IG.

I'm very aware & also consciously posting on social media because some platforms don't have your highest good at heart, I know what I know.

When I was living in Jamaica, I would share landscapes but you'd not see pictures of myself with the man I was living with, because that was also respecting his privacy (plus he's a famous artist and by no means did I want to "take advantage" of his fame to expose myself publicly. Those who know, know, that's it.

All this to say, all I'm looking for is for more and more beautiful humans to heal themselves and stop suffering in silence.

However, I'm all about connection and bringing the "social" in the term "social media", I'm always happy to connect & exchange, heart to heart & being real.

That's also why I created my Telegram group (like a FB group but on a platform that respects privacy, no ads, no content control).

You can join if you want, it's a private group as I like to respect privacy & make sure everyone feels safe to share what they need to share.

DM me to join, we'd love to have you!

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