Why I don't teach Reiki anymore

I don't know if it will be forever but at least for now I made the decision that I am not going to teach Reiki anymore for a foreseeable future.

I know some of you had planned to learn it from me and I am super grateful that you'd choose me as your teacher.

I want to explain why (well partly, because there's another part that I'm still studying) by stating a few points

✿ we are all healers, like natural healers, some of us remember more than others, but everyone can awaken their own abilities

✿ Reiki is great, I am by no means denying its benefits or criticizing it at all

✿ Reiki is a good way to start but now the energies of the planet have changed, everything is higher vibrational than it was, Reiki's frequency is at a certain bandwidth and even if you vibrate high, it has its original energy blueprint, in other words, I have come to wonder if it was as powerful as before, given that I have noticed differences

✿ I don't really do reiki anymore if I'm honest as I've been developing my own techniques

✿ if one wants to learn Reiki, it means one is more in tune with their own healing abilities ==> it is already within you, you just need to remember and this lead me to the following point

✿ if we are all healers, why would we need to learn a system that teaches us how to channel a specific energy frequency while we are naturally tuned into it? Do we really need a system?

✿ Reiki can be a trap, just like any other system (or even tarot cards, pendulum, you name it). Yes it can be an amazing starting point, like I stated before but if one sticks to it without tapping into one's own abilities then there's a comfort zone phenomenon that takes place and keeps you trapped.

I don't know if that makes sense... when I'm teaching my own healing methods, I'm not teaching a "method" per se, there's no "ritual", no system, no worshipping, no symbol... nothing! Just you and your natural abilities.

When I teach healing, I give methods but I don't attune to any frequency, you are your own natural healer, you have your own frequency, you can raise your vibration yourself by following rules of spiritual hygiene (aka rules of common sense that are actually not taught in Reiki by most teachers, which is also something that has made me question a lot of teachers' teachings as I have heard a lot of horror stories following Reiki attunements and some Reiki masters being purely ego-ruled... I have personally experienced horrible things with some Reiki teachers, but of course, they are not all like that!)

I also realized that when I decided to learn Reiki (which has taught me A LOT, I will NEVER deny that) initially, it was because I was running away from myself, I was not trusting my own abilities, I was relying on a system (aka something external) to not fail me because I thought I was going to fail myself...

So I'm pausing my Reiki courses for now because I need to figure out how I feel about it and you know me, I'm all about being real, walking the talk and not only talking the talk. I'm here to empower anyone who works with me and to tell you all that you can trust yourself and to reconnect with your true nature.

YOU are LIFE FORCE YOU have everything within YOU already, you just need to activate it, and while Reiki can do it why not tap into your OWN uniqueness, your own energy signature by opening your channels?

Do we really need an established system? with a lineage that "binds" us to a dude we don't know much about?

Or do we need to be our sovereign selves awakening to our true nature?

Food for thoughts :)

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