Why self-love is the key to your success & manifestation

Blocks to self-love & self-acceptance create blocks in daily life; those blocks can transpire in any area: relationship, career, prosperity, allowing yourself to receive, physical health but also emotional needs, mental patterns, opportunities of all kinds... ​ Everything comes from the self, from within.

"The outer world is a reflection of the inner world.” – Roy T. Bennett

It is the famous "As within so without", which is actually a Universal law

A lack of self-love creates all kinds of behaviors that harm us, for example: not feeling worthy or good enough, impostor syndrome, self-negative talk, self-harm, addiction, procrastination, lack of self-confidence, self-sabotage... the list goes on... ​ There are many reasons and causes to the fact that we don't love ourselves unconditionally: traumas, wounds in this life time (in childhood, but also family trauma inherited and passed on to us), but also in past/parallel lives...

Usually we consider 5 major soul wounds: rejection, abandonment, humiliation, injustice and betrayal, which have different consequences for everyone, as everyone is unique and creates their own survival story. ​ Sometimes we are aware of these but most of the times we aren't because these events are stored in our subconscious mind and embedded within our cells, contained in our energy field.

If we don't reconnect with these parts and bring awareness on what is harming us, these patterns/beliefs/traumas will stay within us. If you're ready to expand from within, you can book your free discovery call or check my Self-Trust Activator (link to come)

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