You have your own free will - only you can make decisions for yourself

This is something very important to keep in mind in every area of life. But here let's talk about consuming...

When you want to work with a coach, a healing catalyst, a psychic/medium, <insert profession here>, it is important that you listen to your own guidance.

There are some marketing strategies I don't resonate with (to each their own, we're all different, I will not go into details here) but one thing to know about me is that I will not try to "force" you to work with me, nor would I use manipulative techniques... because

1) it's not who I am

2) it's not what I believe in

3) I don't like when people do this to me and I usually don't do to others what I wouldn't want to be done to me

4) manipulation is not righteous, karma is real: every action has consequences... you get my point...

So even if you would decide to have a free discovery call with me, I will not "stalk" you after :)

I believe in free will and I am convinced that my services can help - but you are the one making your decisions. If you want to work with me, I trust you will feel guided to and you will make it happen when the timing will be right for you :)

Same during a session, when I provide guidance, it is always in terms of probability and passing messages on for your highest good, but you are the one making your own decisions according to what resonates with you or not.

I just wanted to mention this because sometimes we can be a bit sceptical to book a free discovery call, I don't like "pushy" strategies :)

That being said, I'd love to connect with you if you resonate with my energy ;)

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