"You need to heal because you're broken" - let's bust a myth

No, beautiful soul, there's nothing wrong with you, you're not broken nothing is ever broken within you, even if it seems that way.

I know how it feels to think you're broken, because I used to feel that way at the beginning of my journey...

But then I learned I was whole, although I didn't feel whole at all, I did feel broken...

When I started to heal myself, it was a calling I was answering, I started working on myself and gaining perspective on things I had thought were "part of me" and "normal" but that weren't.

The more I healed myself (I still am, obviously, because there's always something to learn, it's a journey) the more I saw that indeed, I was always whole... I just had to peel the layer of false belief, shift my perception of certain events and take an elevated perspective to see the bigger picture...

Nothing within you is broken, it's either "frozen in time" or "asleep" but you are still whole, you just need to see yourself through the lens of Love and Compassion, you just need to be there for yourself and have some guidance and support if you feel that can help.

That's also why I do not agree with the term "soul loss", it's a negative approach, your soul is not "lost", you haven't "lost a soul fragment", it's always there, you just need to "reconnect" it.

It's important to shift your perception and also your language, from now on, try not to use the term "I'm broken" or "my heart is broken" because you're reinforcing something that is not true. Instead start thinking that you're aware there's an imbalance and it's an opportunity to heal from a place of self-love and growth and not because "there's something wrong with you".

If you're ready to receive support on your healing journey, head over to my DMs and let's see how I can support you.

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