Your fear of a past danger repeating is not what is keeping you safe and aware of danger.

Your fear of a past danger repeating is not what is keeping you safe and aware of danger.

Journal prompt:

"What thing/situation from your past are you afraid of seeing occurring again?"

Are you allowing yourself to heal your fear? Talking about your fears from a place of wanting to get to the bottom of it to deactivate it (vs just feeding it) will not make it become real!

Your fear is here for a reason, whatever the core root is, if you never acknowledge it you can't heal it, therefore it will remain as stagnant energies in your energy field and according to the Law of Resonance, any energy of suffering that is staying trapped will create a resonance with outside phenomenon.

In other words, you have more probability of attracting an energy of the same nature as the one held in your energy field.

It's subconscious but many believe that it is the fear of a said danger that is keeping you safe, the mind believes that if we heal the fear, we will lose awareness and our "fight or flight" reaction, but you don't need to be on a state of hyper vigilance all the time, you're causing stress to your system... when you release those energies of fear and trauma, you will trust yourself, you will raise your vibration, you will break a pattern and you won't attract the same thing again.

Knowing that, take your pen and journal and jot down everything that comes to your mind, save this post and come back to share your epiphanies once you'll be done so I can celebrate with you :)

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