Your uniqueness is one of your strengths

I don't believe in differences per se, it creates an idea of separation, I believe about individual uniqueness, which to me implies interdependence and complementing one another...

Does it mean to not fit the norm? Let me ask, what is the norm in the first place? What does “being normal” mean? Does it mean being "mainstream" and fitting in a mold?

No thanks, that's not what I want for myself... and if you're reading this, I'm pretty sure you feel the same...

Simply be yourself and accept yourself for your strengths and embrace what you consider your flaws, they are part of what makes you unique and the good news is that you can always work on yourself to improve what you feel you could improve - not from a place of running away from yourself but from a place of self-love and self-improvement.

Cultivate what you have within you that makes you unique - this includes your extrasensory perceptions aka your innate abilities.

If you want to accelerate the peeling of the layers so that you can heal your wounds and reconnect with your true self, we need to talk :) Send me a DM or check out my Self-Mastery healing teachings.

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