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Self-Trust Activator

Build self-trust by becoming aware of  the beliefs that are causing you to be hard on yourself so you can confidently make decisions that move you forward


You are an intuitive and an empathic human who is hard on themselves.

You fear being stuck, yet there is this back-and-forth conversation in your head between the voice of your heart telling you to reach for your goals and the voice of self-doubt making you question your ability to do so...


Therefore you end up feeling frustrated and torn: you want to move forward but aren’t sure what to do or where to start… but one thing is for sure: your determination is stronger! You’re ready to make changes and you simply need clarity and self-trust!


If that's you, then you are at the right place :)

This service will activate your self-trust by removing what’s in your way thanks to energy healing and soul reconnection techniques.

You will:

  • uncover the origin of self-doubt & harsh inner critic to gain understanding and feel a sense of peace

  • go from being too hard on yourself to trusting that being yourself is enough

  • receive clarity on your next steps so you can stop overthinking

  • know what to do when you’d happen to feel stuck

  • get tips on how to maintain the connection with yourself

​What you get with the Self-Trust Activator:

  • An energy reading (Akashic Records) of a specific situation that you are facing in regards to self-trust blocks & self-doubt

  • Powerful shift on your perspective so you can end the pattern that are keeping you stuck

  • Real-time feedback and answers to your most pressing questions so you can have the tools to maintain your desired results

I want you to feel comfortable that’s why I am offering 2 options for you to choose from to Activate your Self-Trust


Soul reconnection reading

(formerly called "Timeline Healing")

  • delivered to your mailbox

  • approx 1 hour for a reading

  • audio summary (minimum 15min duration)

  • Price: 111 euros

Here is how it works:

  1. click the button below

  2. fill in the form to let me know your situation

  3. proceed to payment to validate your order

  4. you'll receive a confirmation

  5. receive your summary within 48 hours max.

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Soul reconnection call

  • approx 1 hour

  • 1:1 voice or video call

  • platform Telegram or Zoom

  • Price: 175 euros​

Here is how it works:

  1. click the button below to get to my calendar

  2. choose a time that suits you

  3. proceed to payment

  4. you'll receive an email from me with the details for the call

What clients are saying

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Laura (UK)

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Rajiv testimony

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Laura (UK)

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What are the key elements of this service?

  • Energy reading

Using my shaman abilities, I can tap into your energy & work with your Higher Self to bring clarity on subconscious beliefs to deprogram them

  • Healing & shifting

You will free yourself from what no longer serves you & gain understanding on yourself for more compassion, self-acceptance and inner peace

  • Creating new habits

As a certified coach, I will give you tips and techniques to implement in your daily life after our session so that you can change your life

Will this help me manifest what I want in life?

Yes and you can read this article about the connection between self-trust, self-acceptance & self-love & manifestation for more info on how I view things & how energy works.

What are the Akashic Records exactly?

The Akashic Records are an energetic library of information that contain the details of your soul and its journey. They span through past lives, present incarnations, and future possibilities.


How can a Reading of the Akashic Records help heal physical or emotional trauma?

That’s a great question, and a big part of my work. With a reading, we are able to uncover, on a conscious level, the deep wounding that needed to be acknowledged in order to be healed. Once we discover what needs healing, we can actually start to heal.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

When services are delivered within the 14 days that follow the payment, it is considered that the Client renounces to his/her right of withdrawal as stated in the Terms and Conditions and according to the Law.

There is no refund granted for services that have already taken place.


You didn't see your question listed? Please contact me or request your discovery call below.

I'm looking forward to connecting with you!

Take care,