Personal development & spiritual growth through soul reconnection & energy work

As a transformation activator, Morgane combines her intuitive abilities, shamanic techniques and coaching methods to support you on your path to remove self-doubt and mind programs that are keeping you stuck so that you can gain self-trust and confidently move forward to achieve your goals and unlock your success.

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Self-Trust Activator

A shamanic coaching session that helps you build self-trust by becoming aware of the beliefs that are causing you to be hard on yourself so you can confidently make decisions that move you forward.

2 options: reading delivered by mail or a 1:1 call

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An 8-week private coaching experience for intuitive empaths who want to release blocks and tap into deeper levels of self-trust that allow them to confidently move forward to their next level in relationships, business and wellness

Break Ancestral Patterns

Break Ancestral Patterns to set yourself free (for yourself and your whole lineage), understand your life purpose,
Write your own beautiful success story.

Single session or bundle - you choose :)

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Shamanic Healing

A deep energy cleanse & healing session to remove what is draining you & dragging you down so that you can feel more like yourself, get clarity on your next steps and shift your energy to a higher vibration for more peace & joy.